Transport in Upper Austria


About driving in general:

  • Right-hand traffic
  • Mind the speed limits on highways, main roads and in towns
  • Tire regulations for summer and winter
  • Vignette for driving on highways required
  • In a traffic jam on the highway, always make room for an emergency lane

Speed limits

130 km/h on the highway 100 km/h on the main road 50 km/h in towns (or as marked by road signs)

Tire regulations

Independent of weather conditions, it is compulsory to fit winter tires from November 1st until April 15th of the following year. Plus, if the car is not equipped with winter tires, the insurance does not accept liability for damages anyways.


A so-called Vignette is required for the use of motorways. There is a yearly Vignette and also a Vignette for shorter periods. A yearly Vignette must be renewed at the beginning of each year. The Vignette is available from automobile associations (ARBÖ, ÖAMTC, VCÖ), gas stations, tobacconists and ASFINAG toll locations. There is also the possibility of buying a digital Vignette: www.asfinag.at/maut-vignette/vignette/ digitale-vignette/

Automobile associations

These associations represent the interests of road users and offer their members services such as roadside assistance, insurance, travel and buyer’s information. The most well-known are the ÖAMTC and ARBÖ:

Oh! That’s important!

Attention should be payed to what is important when having a non-Austrian driving licence and bringing your own car to your new home country.

Traffic light colours

Austrian traffic lights consist of three colours: red means stop, green means go. When the green light is flashing, drivers should try to stop. After four green flashes, an orange light appears, which means that you should only continue to drive if it is impossible to brake in time or to stop.

Zebra crossings

In Austria, it is compulsory to stop at a zebra crossing if a pedestrian wants to cross the road, but only if the crossing is not regulated by a traffic light.

About the car in general:

  • Car registration
  • Assessment (Pickerl)
  • Car liability insurance

Car registration

Before a newly purchased car can be used on public roads, official registration is required at the relevant local body. A prerequisite is the purchase of liability insurance. If you bring your own car (or other motor vehicle such as a motorcycle or bus) from abroad, you must officially register it with the local authorities at your place of residence. After registration, you get a new local number plate for your car. Please also consider the information in the box when importing a car from abroad.

Assessment (Pickerl)

All vehicles must be assessed at regular intervals for roadworthiness and safety. The assessment date depends on the first registration of the vehicle, the month being indicated on the assessment sticker. The tolerance period for the assessment ranges from one month prior to four months after the month indicated. The assessment can be performed by automobile associations, approved freelance civil engineers and garages. Costs can vary according to the chosen assessment location.

Car liability insurance

The purchase of a car liability insurance is a legal requirement in Austria. This should cover both third parties and the insured and prevent financial ruin.

Foreign number plates and car imports

Persons with their main residence in Austria are allowed to drive a car with foreign number plates for one month after entry of the vehicle into Austria. After this period, the registration certificate and foreign number plates must be handed to the relevant local body: either the district authorities, the state police headquarters in Linz, or the respective police department in Steyr or Wels. Vehicles with an EU operating license do not require individual approval.

Vehicles without an EU operating license

These require an individual approval, along with registration in an approval database. The bodies responsible for the approval are the technical test centres of the Upper Austrian State Government: www.land-oberoesterreich.gv.at/themen_verkehr_kfz.htm

NoVA (Normalverbrauchsabgabe)

Regardless of whether the car is imported from the EU or from a third country, the so-called standardised consumption tax (Normverbrauchsabgabe/ NoVA) is payable to the local tax authority. A tax calculator can be found at: www.nova-rechner.at/index.php/rechner-menu

Further information on rules for driving motor vehicles in Austria can be found here: https://www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd/public/content/6/Seite.0630002.html

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