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Supportive Networks for Internationals in Upper Austria

Come2Upper Austria

The Come2Upper Austria Service Center is an initiative of the Upper Austrian location agency Business Upper Austria. It supports companies recruting internationally and assists foreign employees and their families with the relocation and settling-in process in Upper Austria. To make settling in easier, the initiative organises numerous networking events. Find out more at: www.come2upperaustria.com

Other international and local associations

Internations – Connecting global minds: www.internations.org

Austro-American Society in Upper Austria: www.aas-ooe.at

La France en Autriche: www.ambafrance-at.org

Toastmaster: www.toastmasters.org

There are many international communities such as “Expats in Linz and Upper Austria”, “Piefke Connection in Upper Austria” or the “International Ladies Club Linz”

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