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Institutions and Functions

It is a challenge to build a life in a new country. In order to make your first steps in Upper Austria easier, we have prepared an overview of the individual institutions and their functions for you.

Come2Upper Austria

Business Upper Austria serves as a hub for all relevant institutions. It helps internationals to help themselves whilst living and working in Upper Austria. Come2Upper Austria also supports companies with international HR management.


The embassy is responsible for all visa matters of third-country nationals. The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs lists all Austrian representative authorities abroad, along with all Austria-based foreign representative authorities on its website.  

Municipal authority (Magistrat) vs. district authority (Bezirkshauptmannschaft)

Management authorities, known as Magistrat (municipal authority) or Bürgerservice (Citizens’ Service) in the statutory cities of Linz, Steyr and Wels, or Bezirkshauptmannschaft (district authority) in rural areas, are responsible for administrative processes relating to residence in Austria, for example the registration certificate.


Municipal authority (Magistrat) vs. local authority (Gemeindeamt)

The registration and deregistration of a place of residence is performed by the municipal authorities in the three statutory cities of Upper Austria, whereas the local authorities are responsible in rural areas. These two institutions also provide information on everyday issues such as waste management and the like.

Social insurance authorities

Social insurance authorities are responsible for the statutory social insurance system in Austria. For detailed information on your social insurance in Austria, please read the chapter >>Healthcare & insurance

State police headquarters (Linz) and city police departments (Wels, Steyr)

These institutions deal with policing issues relating to aliens, for example the transcription of foreign driving licenses. Tax authority (Finanzamt) All taxes deduced from salaries are paid immediately to the tax authority. Applications for family allowance and the annual tax assessment are also dealt with by the tax authority.

Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer/AK)

The Chamber of Labour is the interest group for all employees in Upper Austria. Apart from a few exceptions, regulations stipulate compulsory membership which is automatic when entering employment in Austria. The Chamber of Labour offers comprehensive information on topics such as workers’ rights, income and taxes, careers with a family or consumer protection.

Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer/WKO)

The Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of Austrian businesses and campaigns for economically favourable conditions. It also advises and informs entrepreneurs. WIFI offers a wide range of training and further education on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce.

Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich/ AMS)

The Public Employment Service helps unemployed to find open positions and supports initiatives of job seekers and companies through information, training and financial support (e.g. unemployment benefit). Its goal is to reduce unemployment in Austria, in cooperation with other social partners.