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Basic Austrian vocabulary

Ever listened to a conversation between Austrians and even though you understand German, you couldn't get half of what was said?

While learning German is admittedly not an easy task in general, learning the language in Austria can come to be tricky. To help you during your journey of language discovery and exploration, read here all words and phrases that are essential. 

Oh! Servus und Grüß Gott!

Did you know, that we don't speak "Deutsch" in Upper Austria, but "Deitsch"? That's why we say "Serwas" instead of "Servus" and "Griaß God" instead of "Grüß Gott".

Assistance for filling out forms

Moving to a new country is often filled with bureaucracy. Filling out forms and documents in the language of the respective country can be a real challenge. Although these documents differ in their requirements, we have translated many of the key terms used in these documents in alphabetical order of the German word:

Accident and Emergency numbers

Travelling abroad

In general terms, people enjoy free movement within the EU. However, it is recommended to check entry requirements and destinations, especially outside the EU.

Please also consider possible e-card restrictions, and thus, insurance restrictions abroad. In case there are stars on the backside of the e-card instead of the contact information, please ask the social insurance authority, such as the Austrian Health Insurance (ÖGK), if a health insurance certificate while abroad is necessary.

A health insurance certificate can be ordered online (without login) here: