Traditional Austrian Cookery Course

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Human Capital Management

Event location

Seminarhaus auf der Gugl, Auf der Gugl 3, 4021 Linz

Event date

4:30 - 7:30 pm
Please be on time!

Are you in search of dishes that are quick and easy to prepare, yet delightfully filling and satisfying? Look no further. Our cooking class offers a curated selection of classic recipes from the rich tradition of Austrian home cooking that are guaranteed to please your taste buds.
Join our class to discover the treasures from grandma's and mom's kitchens. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step and let you experience the comforting flavors and aromas of traditional Austrian cuisine. The course is a journey back to the cherished culinary traditions of the past, with hands-on experiences that make learning fun and engaging.
Get inspired with our ideas for simple yet incredibly delicious everyday meals. The cooking class is designed to elevate your cooking skills with effortless recipes that deliver the authentic taste of Austrian cuisine, making every meal a memorable experience. Enjoy the perfect blend of simplicity and flavor that defines Austrian home cooking, all while learning in a friendly and supportive environment. Spots are limited, so register today to secure your spot!
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Costs: 40,- € per person (includes the course and all necessary food items)


Cancelation conditions:

Registered persons can cancel their registration until 20.09.2024 at the latest via email to 
If registered persons fail to cancel by the above-mentioned deadline we are obliged to charge the full price.