Family Tour C2UA at the Schlossmuseum

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Human Capital Management

Event location

Schlossmuseum Linz, Schlossberg 1, 4020 Linz

Event date

2 - 4 pm


Evelyn Hetzinger
Tel.:  +43732798105198
Explore the Wild Side: From Power Animal to Fear Animal 🐺
Embark on a captivating journey through the cultural history of the wolf and unravel the mysteries of predators in our special event – a Guided tour at Schlossmuseum "From Power Animal to Fear Animal: Cultural History of the Wolf".
What to expect:
🦊 Predators - Mysterious Creatures with a Bite (From 6 years) 🐾
Suitable for curious minds from 6 years old and above, this event promises an immersive experience into the fascinating world of predators. As you dive into the captivating narratives, learn about the enchanting characteristics of other native predators like foxes, badgers, and lynxes. Ears pricked up, nose to the wind – discover the wild wonders that surround us!
🌿 Nature Upper Austria Exhibition Tour 🏞️
Take a guided tour through the "Nature Upper Austria" exhibition, where children can delve deeper into the captivating lives of wolves and their fellow predators. This interactive journey promises to be an educational and thrilling experience for young minds.
Educational Offer // Workshop 🌐
Participate in a crash course in tracking, and immerse yourself in the art of discovering and analyzing animal tracks. Uncover the secrets of the wild with our expert guides and educators.
📅 Date: 21.02.2024
Time: Tour at 14:00
📍 Location: Schlossmuseum Linz, Schlossberg 1 · 4020 Linz
(c)OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH