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Passaustraße, 26-28
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Our CELUMians are what makes CELUM more than just a place to work. It is a place where you come because you want to be part of something bigger. It means shaping the future of content, the future of our company, and, at the very same time, the future of you. 

It wont always be easy, achieving greatness never is. It is not in us to give up, we keep trying, we support each other, we push through, and we succeed together.

So when it comes to finding the next CELUMian, we take extra care to find those game changers, innovation makers, and status quo breakers. Those who are crazy enough to try and change the world. Those who don’t just dream of success, but who get up everyday and make it happen. So ask yourself, are you ready take a step towards your next greatest adventure?