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Company Location in Upper Austria:
Hafenstraße 47-51
Company data:
Company description:
We are democratising the digital detection, reconstruction, and measurement of human bodies!

We at AMB Technology believe that industries and products should be built around people for their efficiency and safety.

We are a small remote start-up developing a human-centric AI, with which we aim to democratise the detection, reconstruction, and measurement of human bodies. We are researching and inventing in the fields of computer vision and data science to arrive at a platform, which will enable the input and output of any data concerning human bodies. We are focusing on the efficiency and safety of humans within multiple industries, including automotive, off-highway, industry 4.0, fashion, and medicine. In a nutshell: we have a big vision, early prototypes, international partners, and first friendly customers who are eager to revolutionise the digitalisation of human bodies with us!

The problem we are striving to solve with our current POC RedInch is the following:

Measuring human bodies is not a new topic and for a very long time, it has been done purely by hand. The digital revolution has, of course, seen a shift from manual measurements, which are now being increasingly assisted by technology. To get very accurate measurements, normally a 3D-Scanner or a 3D-Bodybox is used, but this solution is very expensive and lacks in user-friendliness. We are therefore working on developing a software solution, which allows achieving reliable measurements by taking a single photo on a simple camera like that of a smartphone!