Sarah Chase, US-American
Sustainability Affairs at delfortgroup AG

"It's never easy to move to a new country by yourself, with no connections. In the 6 months before my husband joined me, I had not discovered the Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center yet and struggled to find a community outside of work.
This organization is more than a community of friends getting together for great events - the people who work there are compassionate people who want to help incoming expats get the resources and assistance they need so that this new country starts feeling like home."

Sarah & Sam with their residence title

Sarah and Sam at the traditional Urfahrmarkt

Sam Chase, US-American
Spouse (studying in Linz)

"The Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center has especially been very helpful during my transition - they helped me obtain my VISA, which was no small task and took a lot of time, and they have been a very welcoming community with their various events. My wife and I have gained many of our friends through the program and we look forward to what the next few years have in store here in Upper Austria."


Mohar and her husband in Upper Austria

Mohar De, Indian
Spouse (now working in Linz)

“Far away from our home-country, in a land where people speak an unknown language, things can get very difficult. It was indeed for me, until I came to know the Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center. I am now knowledgeable about rules in the job market and have learnt other valuable stuff. We have got some great entertaining experiences such as travelling to Ried, baking cookies together, watching ice hockey, and a lot more in a very short span of time. I was connected to a mentoring program proposed by the Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center which has opened new horizons for me and played a great role in achieving a full time job. They are the trouble shooter in my life here. Thank you so much.”




Martina Misheska, Macedonian
Senior Brand Manager at Brau Union Österreich AG

"I see Welcome2UpperAustria as a 'Expats' glue'. This service made the Expats community in Linz for the first time visible. Thanks to you I have expanded my circle of professional contacts and personal friends. And it's not only that W2UA functions as a Network Service, it means much more to me. You create and involve us in the great program, where you have such a good balance between practical, informational and cultural content. And you are also cherishing personal contact with all of us. With you I always feel that I have a strong support, somebody I could always turn to if I have some questions. Mrs. Panholzer always take great care of us. Laura, please keep up the great work and the great rhythm!"





Martina Misheska on stage
Adriano on tour

Adriano Retucci, Italian

Stress Engineer at FACC Aerostructures

"When I came to Ried in May 2013, I knew nothing about the language nor the culture. Everything was foreign to me but I simply fell in love with it, Austria and its people. Maria from Welcome2Upper Austria was like a lighthouse on a raging storm. She helped me with everything, renting a flat, buying a car, riding a bicycle… After I settled, I started to do what I used to in Italy; playing volleyball, going to the cinema and of course eating in Italian restaurants. Moreover, Maria and Laura organized a bunch of interesting events where making friends was very easy. After almost two years, I am proud to say that I live in Upper Austria, that my quality of life is very high, and I found here what I was missing from Italy.”