Ardaye's wordrap

Ardaye Llarnes | Filipina | KTM AG

"The people are so kind and I can live here peacefully. That is the thing I really love here. You leave your car open in the morning and you come back and it is still there."



Parsan Mahaveer | Indian | Lenzing AG

"Life is very, very slow but, very, very safe and peaceful. When you get up in the morning you have peace of mind - when you come back home you have peace of mind."



Mirela and her first days

Mirela Pastorini | Brazilian | Borealis Polyolefine GmbH

"Welcome2Upper Austria is a very nice opportunity to meet other people and to make friends. It is very valuable what is done here. Honestly, for me it is the first opportunity we caught to get to know people and integrate."



Klaus reflecting on living in Upper Austria

Klaus Lindgren | Finn | ECS Global GmbH

“My life here is active, fun and social. I have a lot of good times with friends – we do things together and I really got to know a great deal of great people."