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Crèches / Day Nurseries / "Kinderkrippen"

Day nurseries are for small children up to the age of three. Group sizes and the number of nursery school teachers are geared towards the needs of small children in that age group. Special emphasis is placed on making children feel safe and sheltered while catering to their need for physical activity.
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Kindergartens / “Kindergärten"

For children aged three to six there are kindergartens to prepare them for school. School teachers ensure each day at kindergarten is full of different activities so that children can work on socialization skills and acquire knowledge at the same time. Included in the program are outdoor activities, cultural events and sports activities.
Please note the "mandatory year"!

Day-Parents / “Tages-Eltern”

Day-parents are private persons who, very often in addition to watching their own children at home, also take care of other parents’ children, but always in their own homes, apartments etc. They receive a similar but shorter training than a kindergarten-teacher, but are also educated in pedagogic, early-age teaching, first-aid, etc. This can be the most flexible solution for parents and has the advantage of a very family like surrounding. Day parents may also take care of children of all ages.

After-School-Care /"Hort"

With the majority of Upper Austrian schools teaching classes from approx. 08:00 to approx. 12:00-14:00 (depending on the age of the children), many parents need facilities to take care of their children until they come back from work in the late afternoon. This is either done in the school directly, or the children go to a separate facility which is normally close to the school’s location, but is accepting children from a number of local schools (“Hort”). With both types, care starts immediately after school finishes, the children are served a meal, and then the afternoon is dedicated to supervised home-work time and studying, as well as playing, tours to nearby parks etc…

Contact for Kindergartens and After-School-Care:

Direktion Bildung und Gesellschaft
(Gruppe Kindergarten und Horte)
Bahnhofplatz 1
4021 Linz
Telefon: +43 732 77 201 55 26

Austrian legal bodies regard pre-school care in any form of group or institution as an important aspect of a child's development. All children have to be enrolled for a minimum of one year, for at least 5 hours per day and 4 days per week (except in cases of illness or during family holidays) in some form of Kindergarten or children´s group. At the latest, the mandatory year starts on the first day of September following the child´s 5th birthday.

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Cost-free child care

Alongside the mandatory childcare year, another law was introduced providing substantial financial funding to Upper Austrian childcare facilities.  This funding enables them to offer cost free childcare for most children above 30 months in either a public or a private institution. The parents only have to pay for the child's daily meals, and any additional services such as extended hours or early-age foreign language education. The minimum fee for children younger than 30 months is 45 Euros, depending on the parent's income and the number of hours the children spend at kindergarten.

 Tax deductibility

Since 01.01.2009, parents can mention childcare costs as extraordinary financial burdens on their voluntary employee´s tax declaration (“Arbeitnehmerveranlagung”) and through this reduce the calculation base of their taxable income.


For crèches and day nurseries it is recommended to get in contact with suitable facilities as early as possible, either after a child is born or  as soon as you know that you will move to Upper Austria, as capacities are currently quite limited. The headmasters or group leaders of the group will advise you on the deadlines for the next steps. The regular time for a child to start in kindergarten is at the beginning of September, parallel to the school-year. This is when the facilities put together new groups so it is advisable to stick to this date if possible. For registration information, please get in contact with your preferred kindergarten where the responsible body will advise you on the deadlines for the next steps.

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  • Bezirk = district
  • Betreuungseinrichtung = facility (choose the kind of supervision you are looking for)
    • Krabbelstube = créche
    • Kindergarten = kindergarten
    • Hort = after-school care
    • Schulische Nachmittagsbetreuung = educational child-care in the afternoon
    • Tagesmütter-/Väter Vereine = day-parents
    • Betreuung für kranke Kinder - supervision for sick children
    • Stundenweise Kinderbetreuung = childe care by the hour
    • Sommerkinderbetreuung = child care during the summer
  • Gemeinde = municipality
  • oder Suche nach Name, Ort, PLZ,.. = or search for name, location, postal code,...
  • Kindergarten = kindergarten
  • Krabbelstubbe = crèche
  • Hort = After School Care

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