June in Upper Austria is where the weather starts getting nice. You can feel the summer is arriving and you see people taking part in their outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, golfing, climbing or a relaxing boat trip on the Danube are just some of the possible outdoor activities around Upper Austria. In June there are also some important dates you should consider.


Father’s Day

In German: Vatertag

This special day is for praising all Fathers. The date is always the second Sunday in June. It is not an official bank holiday but is always on a Sunday, so it is perfect to celebrate it with a nice brunch or lunch with your beloved father and say thank you.


Midsummer Festival

In German: Sonnwendfeuer

The Midsummer Festival is connected to the summer solstice on 21st of June. It’s not always celebrated exactly on that day. It depends on the association, commonly the local fire brigade, who is organizing the festival. The tradition in Upper Austria is called Peter Fire, a variation of the John Fire praising of the birth of John the Baptist.  The custom is to build a huge pile of wood with a straw doll called Peter on top. This woodpile will then be burned and near the end where the fire is low you can jump over it. People who do that have one free wish, according to tradition.

The Sonnwendfeuer is also called Petersfeuer



Corpus Christi

In German: Fronleichnam

This is a Christian festival and an official bank holiday in Upper Austria. The date is always the Thursday after Trinity Sunday so it can vary between the 21st of May and the 24th of June. This day is celebrated with a special holy mass where you walk through the city with a monstrance as a symbol of the body of Christ. Other symbols are flowers and birch branches.



In German: Pfingsten

This is a Christian holy day and starts 50 days after Easter. The meaning of Pentecost is the end of Easter. So the date can be in May as well as in June. Called “Pfingstmontag”, the Monday after Pentecost starts is an official bank holiday in Upper Austria. There are no special traditions on that day, so you can enjoy one day off in Upper Austria.