„April does what it wants“

This old rule describes the unpredictable weather in April very well. From rain to snow and sunny days with about 20° Celsius, everything is possible in April. April is a crazy month.

However not only the weather is crazy. On the 1st of April you have to be careful. Do not believe what people and even television or newspapers tell you. People tell tales with extraordinary details and try to make you believe these stories. This tradition is called April jokes.

Easter is one of the biggest Christian festive days. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and takes place on the third day after Jesus’ crucifixion. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring. Therefore Easter is at the earliest the 22nd of March and at the latest the 25th of April. From the death of Jesus due to his resurrection the church bells remain silent. Children walk with rattles from house to house and tell the believers verses and poems. Therefore the believers do not forget the prayer time even if the church bells remain silent.

In a lot of houses you can see Easter bouquets. Twigs of hazel, birch, forsythia and willow catkins are cut off and put in a vase. The twigs are decorated with colorful painted eggs. A newer tradition is that people also decorate bushes or little trees in the garden with painted eggs. The eggs for decoration are poached before they get colored.


Happy Easter


On Easter Sunday Christians celebrate. The whole family gets together, they laugh and eat a lot. Lamb for example is a traditional dish. Easter yeast plaits round up the feast. Especially for children the Easter rabbit hides little presents. The presents mostly consist of colorful Easter eggs, Easter rabbits and eggs made out of chocolate and toys. The children have to search for their presents in the garden.

Another tradition, even for grown-ups, is the egg tapping. Each of the players takes a hard-boiled Easter egg. A player begins and presents his egg to the top of the egg of his opponent. The aim of the game is to break the shell of the opponent egg while their own remains intact. This game is often played with the whole family. They play until only one family member has an unbroken egg and emerges as the clear winner.

As you can see there are a lot of traditions with or around eggs. The egg has a lot of meanings. It is food but also a symbol for fertility, life and clarity. In the Middle Ages eggs were even a kind of currency. Around Easter people gave eggs as a non-cash benefit to their landlord. Eggs used to be painted in red as symbol for the blood of Jesus, which he shed for us sinners. However, nowadays the eggs are colored in the full chromatic spectrum.