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Some family benefits in Austria are payable partly by account transfer but mainly in cash.

Cash payments include

  • family benefits or child allowance (»Familienbeihilfe, Kindergeld«) and child tax credit (»Kinderabsetzbetrag«)
  • maternity benefits (»Wochengeld«)
  • childcare allowance (»Kinderbetreuungsgeld«)
  • advances on childcare allowance
  • advances on maintenance payments (the state pays an advance on  legal maintenance payments, for example, after a divorce; the person liable for payment of the maintenance must repay the advance)
  • special family allowance (»Familienzuschlag«) (for unemployment allowance), etc.

Additional befefits incluse

  • »Mutter-Kind-Pass« (»mother/child pass«)
  • medical examinations
  • travel costs on public transportation for school students and apprentices: small co-pay by the beneficiary
  • health insurance
  • required school textbooks (»Schulbuchaktion«): small co-pay by the beneficiary


FAMILY BENEFITS »Familienbeihilfe«

The same conditions of entitlement that apply to Austrian citizens also apply to EU/EEA citizens and Swiss citizens. Family benefits may be awarded for children up to age 18 and for children over the legal age in a vocational education program or continuing vocational education program, up to age 26 provided they reside primarily in Austria. The amount of family benefit depends on the child’s age. Family benefits are only granted after submission of a written application to the Tax Office (»Finanzamt«) using the proper form.


Link to forms to apply for family allowance



provided the mother is fully employment, fully insured as a freelance contractor or minimally employed and self-insured, she is entitled to maternity benefits beginning the eighth week before the baby’s birth and for eight weeks afterward the baby’s birth (»Mutterschutz«). The amount of maternity benefits are calculated differently for the groups listed above. Your health insurance coverage pays for the benefits (»Krankenkasse«). Self-employed mothers receive business assistance (»Betriebshilfe«) by the Social Insurance Institute for Trade and Industry (»Gewerbliche Sozialversicherungsanstalt«).


CHILDCARE ALLOWANCE »Kinderbetreuungsgeld«

When the maternity protection period is over, parents (mother or father) can apply for childcare allowance. Childcare allowance is also available to those unemployed or covered by mandatory social insurance (such as housewives, students, freelance workers). Additional earnings up to a ceiling of 60 percent of the last amount income or € 16,200 (gross) per year is permitted. Applications for childcare allowance should be submitted to your health insurance provider (»Krankenkasse«). The amount payable depends on the duration benefits received: as of 2010, 5 different models will apply, one will be income-based. In regards to the four models, the rule is: the shorter the period in which childcare allowance is drawn, the higher the daily amount. 


Link to forms to apply for child allowance

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