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What do you need to do if you have found something? (finder´s responsibility)

If you have found an article or item over € 10 in value, the finder is required (without culpable delay) to turn the item in to the nearest Lost and Found Office and submit required information that could help locate the owner (location of found item/time found).

Where can you turn in lost items?

The Lost and Found Office in Linz is located in the civic center building (»Neues Rathaus«) and found items can be turned in during regular  operating hours. In addition, found items may be submitted to one of 11 decentralized city libraries during regular operating hours. Outside of regular operating hours, items can be brought to the Citizen Services Center or to the local police station. In smaller cities and towns,  please contact your local community service center.

Where can I turn in a stray animal?

Stray animals can be turned over to your local animal shelter.


  • Animal Shelter of Upper Austria-Federal Rescue Agency
    Mostnystraße 16, 4040 Linz
  • You can also call the Linz Fire Department in cases of animal rescue. +43 (0)732/3342-0

What rights do I have as the finder?

Finder´s fee: The finder is entitled to a finder’s fee paid by the true owner of the lost item or property. The Lost and Found office is not authorized to demand a finder’s fee or pay out a finder’s fee. The two parties involved must mutually agree on an amount. Authorities will provide both parties with contact information in regards to the article’s finder or owner. In case of disagreement, a court will decide the amount of the finder’s fee.


A claim to receiving a finder’s fee must be submitted when turning in the lost item or property. The finder will receive a printed confirmation by the Lost and Found Office. Finder’s fees are generally between 2.5 percent and 10 percent.


For more information, click here


What do I do if I have lost something?

If you have lost something, you can contact the Lost and Found Office in the civic center building (Neues Rathaus) by e-mail or in person during regular operating hours. The Lost and Found office is open Monday to Thursday from 07:00 to 12:30 and again from 13:30 to 18:00, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 07:00 to 13:30, and Fridays from 07:00 to 14:00. All items turned into to locations throughout Linz will be sent to the Lost and Found office for central administration and  distribution. In smaller cities and towns, please contact your local community civic center.


If you inquire about a lost item by phone, please provide a detailed description of the lost item. If the described item has not been turned into the Lost and Found office, the office can accept notice of loss by phone. If you need an official print-out of the notice of loss for official purposes,you must obtain it at the Lost and  Found office in person (fee of € 2.10 applies). When submitting a notice of loss by phone, please provide the following information: the approximate location of where the item was lost, the approximate time the item was lost, a detailed description of the item, your full name, date of birth, address, your phone number and e-mail address.


To retrieve a lost item, the owner must appear in person (or appoint a proxy) and present an official photo ID. The owner must be able to clearly identify the item and prove to the »Lost and Found« office that the item belongs to him/her. This includes providing a detailed description of the item, presenting a second key, if applicable, or, if the item is a mobile phone, entering your pin code or presenting a contract of sale, etc. If the owner has appointed a proxy to retrieve the item, the proxy must present a written letter of authorization by the owner.


  • Call Monday to Friday between 07:00 to 18:00 to inquire by phone about lost items.
    +43 (0)732/7070-0
  • You can also conduct a search online. A 24-hour hotline service is available at: +43 (0)900 600 200
    (fees of € 1.36/min apply).

What do I do if no one has (yet) turned in the lost item?

You can report the loss of an item to the Lost and Found office or at any one of the 11 branches of the city library during regular operating hours. After speaking with an employee in person, you can request an official confirmation of loss for a fee of € 2.10. If, for example, you have lost your mobile phone, you will need the confirmation of loss to obtain a new SIM card from your provider. To obtain a confirmation of loss, bring a photo ID with you.


A confirmation of loss (»Verlustmeldung«) is not the same as a notice of loss (»Verlustanzeige«). A confirmation of loss only means you have reported the item missing to the Lost and Found office. A notice of loss is issued by the police and associated with a right to something, such as a driver’s licenses, a weapon permits, car license plates, vehicle letter of admission, etc.. Losing one of the above official documents must be reported to the police. Only a notice of loss issued officially by the police will permit you to drive a vehicle temporarily in case you lose a driver’s license, etc.

Lost key service in Linz

Every year, over 1,000 keys (individual keys, keys on keychains, lanyards, etc.) are turned into the Lost and Found office in Linz. Only a third of these keys are ever claimed and the rest must be disposed of after a year.


On March 1st 2010 the city of Linz opened a lost key service office offering registered key chains. For a fee of € 2, you can purchase a key chain containing an individual number and imprint. Anyone who finds the keys can turn the key in at the Lost and Found office or one of the 11 branches of the city library. The office can  trace the information registered in the computer and notify you that your keys have been found. You do not have to submit a change of address  notice if you move anywhere within Austria – the office can locate you via the information on the key chain.


Please note that for data privacy reasons, these key chains can only be purchased by you or for your minor age children.


Important: Please bring a photo ID with you. These services are not only available for residents of Linz, but for all persons residing legally in Austria.

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