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Visa free entry for EEA citizens

In general, EEA citizens are exempt from visa regulations and permitted to reside in Austria. However, all EEA citizens must register at the responsible authorities (municipial office or magistrate)

Entering Austria with a visa

Aliens require a visa to enter Austria legally. Austria has mutual agreements with a number of countries in regards to visa waivers.

Countries in the Austrian Visa Waiver Program

Visa Categories

A Visa: Air Transit Visa
C Visa: Travel Visa
D Visa: Residence Visa

All visa can only be issued by an Austrian consulate or embassy abroad or, only in exceptional cases, at the Austrian border but never at an office located within Austria (the A visa for air transit can only be issued abroad at an Austrian consulate or embassy).

Visas cannot be issued or extended within Austria.

Visa entitle the visa holder to stay in Austria for a limited period:

travel visa (C visa) 

This is the conventional tourist visa. It can be issued for durations of stay up to 90 days (in total) within a period of 180 days and entitles the visa holder to enter into and stay in the territory of the Schengen states.

A visa D entitles the holder to a stay of 91 days to six months. The visa does not fall under regulations for a residence title and is issued primarily for the holder to attend courses.

The visa is issued just once to bridge the gap before a residence title is issued. However, at the time of issuance the holder must be approved to receive a residence title (with only time as an obstacle).

A national D Visa issued by Austria or another Schengen country, together with a valid travel documents, entitles the holder to travel freely up to three months in a six month period in sovereign territories of other Schengen member countries as long as the above entry requirements In general, the D Visa can only be issued by an Austrian consulate or embassy abroad. If the Republic of Austria is represented in a country by another Schengen country, only the embassy or consulate can issue the Schengen visa. If a D Visa is required, you must contact the responsible Austrian embassy or consulate in a neighboring country.

For more information please contact:
Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs
Minoritenplatz 8, 1014 Vienna
+43 (0)50/11503900


The Federal Police Central Bureau Linz, Aliens’ Police
Nietzschestraße 33, 4020 Linz
+43 (0)732/78035136

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